Facebook Marketing

Growth with Facebook Marketing

img1There’s no doubt about it: with its number of users from all corners of the globe counting by the billions (and growing!), Facebook is the undisputed leader of the social media landscape. As such, whether you are the owner of a small-scale enterprise or the marketing director of a multinational corporation, defining your organization’s presence on Facebook marketing is a key step to guarantee growth and explore new markets in this increasingly click-driven economy.

Facebook marketing is a critical component to any marketing campaign. Many organizations, particularly the big ones, normally hire social media strategists and specialists to help them carve their niche in the tight and competitive arena of online marketing. But for the regular Joes out there, hiring extra personnel for Facebook marketing is unnecessary if you know your way around this territory.

Know that posting content on Facebook as part of your marketing initiative is vastly different from how you would post stuff, say, on your own personal profile. In fact, posting on Facebook marketing purposes takes into account a number of considerations that you wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to if you were just minding your own profile.

Consider timing. On your profile, chances are, you wouldn’t probably think about the importance of the date or time of your status post. But on Facebook, the date and time of your content post spells the difference between high customer engagement and a forgotten cause.

Indeed, timing is everything. Studies show that people are normally busy on Mondays, so it wouldn’t probably be a good idea to post your content on this day; chances are, it’ll just be scrolled over. The best days to upload stuff, according to recorded media trends, are Thursdays and Fridays, when people are more relaxed since they have most probably finished or are about to get done with their tasks for the week.

On any given day, it’s a bad idea to post during wee hours of the day. Unless you are targeting a demographic living on a different timezone, it is best to post sometime around 1 and 3 pm. This way, you attract more users who are awake and are actively scrolling through their timelines.

If you aim for virility, well, forget about it. Majority of the content that achieved viral status weren’t set out to be viral to begin with; it just sort of happened, in large part, by accident. But don’t fret if your videos or photos are not viewed or shared by the millions. What you want to create is Facebook marketing content that resonates, not necessarily with the most number of people, but more importantly with the people that your product or service caters to.

In this regard, invest on quality photos and videos. Sure, you can add text in there, too. But many studies have shown that the less text there is in a post, the likelier that people are going to read it; most people are turned off or else get easily intimidated by heavy blocks of text. To keep your audience’s attention, it is important that you utilize videos and images.

By keeping these few simple things in mind, pursuing Facebook marketing becomes easier and strategic – the perfect mix to achieving growth for your organization on this insanely popular platform.