If you are not making the most of social media, your business could be losing out on valuable clients, customers, and accounts. Social media marketing is taking over as the most powerful and efficient way to reach a consumer audience and spread your company message available. The best part of social media platforms to contact potential patrons is that it can be done in conjunction with and to reinforce other marketing strategies, such as advertising, lead lists, and cold-calling.

Some significant perks of social media marketing are:

Exposure. With over one-billion active users on Facebook, your page and message will be seen by a much broader audience than other conventional marketing methods. That doesn’t include other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It costs nothing to maintain an account and profile on these sites, though there are also paid advertising opportunities for those with the budget for this added tool. Social media is global, which means you are garnering great exposure for your brand.

Familiarity. Social media allows you to keep your company name or brand in the face of potential consumers daily. This familiarity may lead many to seek you out when in need of the product or service that you offer. Over time, familiarity can lead to trust, which is what builds a loyal consumer base.

Branding. Social media also provides the perfect way to help brand your product. You can connect your face, logo, and name to the product that you offer. This can reinforce it in the mind of the buyer, which can lead to a sale and increased revenues.

Customization. Another perk of these platforms is the ability to share the information, products, and content that you choose. You can update and alter your information daily with content that will keep the customer coming back for more. It makes sense to purchase high-quality content for your platforms or to set-up campaigns to encourage repeat visitors to your social media pages and your company website.

Word-of-mouth. You can get even more exposure and potential client leads by offering current visitors or consumers coupons, discounts, or incentives for referring others to you. This may be something as simple as a coupon when the individual ‘likes’ your company page or a percentage off of purchases when the buyer refers a friend.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When a potential customer seeks something similar to what you offer, they may visit the internet to search for it. You can move yourself up the rankings and be one of the first places that the customer sees when you use SEO marketing or search engine optimization. Having a strong presence on social media sites is an indicator of credibility, which can help build your rank and give your company additional exposure.

Strategize with your team to find the best ways to use social media marketing to your company’s advantage. Reach potential consumers with current, updated messages and quality contents, which may get them in your business’ door!